We develop customized strategies for our clients to help them achieve the best results. Atabek & Co is a boutique, full-service law firm committed to creating and sustaining an environment where attorneys can be their best selves, thereby providing the highest level of service to our clients. Atabek & Co aspires to become the law firm that clients and attorneys flock to because of our reputation for driving legal success by putting people first and for our unique, effective, and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We seek to innovate the field in a way that will differentiate us from tired notions of what law firms should be, thereby establishing ourselves as the clear choice for attorneys and clients alike.

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Personal Injury

Our Values

At Atabek & Co, we strive to find the balance between traditional and unconventional. In doing so, we have created a new and better model of what a law firm should be for the benefit of our staff and clients. We view each client and staff member as a unique person with unique goals and needs—not a one-size-fits-all billing opportunity. Without our staff and our clients, none of this would exist. A simple principle often forgotten in the field of law. But it is not forgotten at Atabek & Co. After all, a law firm only does as well as its staff and clients. As such, we are not here to sell prestige and false promises just to drain our clients’ bank accounts and the best years of our staff’s lives. Rather, we are here to provide the means for growth and success for our clients and staff—when clients and staff succeed, so does the firm.

At Atabek & Co, our staff share and observe the following principles, designed to provide the highest quality of service to our clients.

  1. Person Focus: Every client is unique. We understand that each client has unique needs, concerns, tolerances, and goals. We communicate with clients to understand their situation, to advise them in a manner consistent with their unique perspective and leave them better off than when they came to the firm. We build long-term relationships with our clients.
  2. Detail Focus: Every matter is unique. No matter how similar matters may be, there are always subtleties that may present unique opportunities or challenges. We take a ground-up approach to understanding each matter we take on. We take the time to communicate with our clients to understand the facts from their perspective, identify the universe of additional relevant information, investigate the facts and research the law, and provide the best advice and service we can to our clients.
  3. Creative Focus: Every problem has multiple solutions. We approach every problem collaboratively, with an open mind, and without jumping to conclusions or giving up. Recognizing the unique aspects of every client and every matter, we find and compare as many potential solutions as we can muster, looking both inside and outside “the box” to find the best one for the situation. Even when solutions are scarce, we keep looking until we find a means of bettering our client’s situation, whether applying our own critical thinking and research, or through collaboration.
  4. Execution Focus: At the end of the day, the right solution means nothing if you cannot execute on it. When we come up with a plan, we also plan for the means to execute it, whether by our own efforts or resources available to us. Then we follow through.

Our values are not just words—they are what make us different and better. They are part of our culture. We do not cut corners, and the ends do not justify the means. This is the Atabek & Co difference.

Breaches of Contract

Sometimes parties to a contract cannot, or simply will not perform, or performing does not make sense. Sometimes there is a disagreement over what a contract means, or whether someone performed adequately. Disputes can come up any number of way. No matter how it comes up, we have the knowledge and experience to help you resolve your contract dispute in the most advantageous way possible. We will help you review your contract, communications, and course of dealing to help you evaluate your best course and pursue it.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Sometimes someone you trust takes advantage of that trust. If that person is a fiduciary—a person legally required to exercise due care and loyalty when dealing with your affairs—you can sue that person for breaching that trust. Or, if you have been sued, we can help you expose weaknesses in the other side’s case—perhaps they have the facts wrong, or your conduct was inadvertent, or did not ultimately cause any harm. We are here to help you figure it out.

Trademark Litigation

Company and product names are not copyrightable. But, they can be trademarked. Trademarks attach based on first use, and may be industry specific. It ties into a broad area of the law focused on preventing confusion in the market, and unjustly profiting off the branding efforts of others. This area of the law can be quite complex. We have experience both advising clients to settlement prelitigation, and litigating these matters. We can help you navigate those waters.

Breach of Licensing Agreements

People presume that when intellectual property like copyrights and trademarks are involved, they have to sue for infringement of those rights. What people do not realize, is that when a licensing contract is involved, what you really have is a type of breach of contract relating to the licensing agreement. Of course, breach of license cases are a little different, because one must understand the nuances of what rights were conferred by the license, and whether the facts of the case at hand fall within the license, or outside of it. This is a niche area where our attorneys have significant experience and can help you.

Corporate Disputes

Not every company is a well-oiled machine. And even well-oiled machines simply break down. When disputes arise regarding how to manage a company, messaging, strategy, timing, and documentation are key. So is understanding your rights under any operating agreement, or the Corporations Code. We can help you to best position yourself for the possibility that a lawsuit may arise, and represent you if it does.

Anti-SLAPP Litigation

When someone sues based on certain kinds of protected conduct—such as public communication on issues of public import, petitioning the government, or litigation conduct—the defendant can bring what is called an Anti-SLAPP motion. An Anti-SLAPP motion requires the plaintiff to immediately prove up their case at the outset. Often time plaintiffs are caught unaware when their attorneys are not sufficiently experienced in this area of the law, putting them at a significant disadvantage, and risk of dismissal. Worse yet, losing an Anti-SLAPP motion can mean you end up paying all of the other side’s attorneys’ fees. Our firm has significant experience litigating Anti-SLAPP motions, both in the trial courts and on appeal. Let our experience be your asset.

Commercial Collections

Outstanding debts can significantly impact your business’s financial health and stability. At Atabek & Co, we specialize in assisting businesses with commercial collections, providing efficient and effective solutions to recover what is rightfully owed. Late or unpaid invoices can strain your cash flow, hinder growth, and affect your ability to meet financial obligations. Pursuing these debts can be a time-consuming and complex process, often requiring legal intervention. Our experienced team of attorneys is dedicated to helping businesses recover outstanding debts promptly and professionally. We understand the importance of maintaining strong client relationships while ensuring that your bottom line remains secure. At Atabek & Co, we have a proven track record of successfully resolving commercial collection matters. Whether it involves negotiating repayment terms, pursuing legal action, or exploring alternative dispute resolution methods, we tailor our approach to your specific needs and objectives.

Disability Rights Litigation (Defense)

The vast majority of the disability rights cases we handle are for businesses that have been sued by a plaintiff accusing them of violating disability access laws. The business owner may not have known they were out of compliance, that they were even required to comply, or may have thought their building was exempt because it was “grandfathered” in. Business owners often need help complying with the law, and navigating the demands of aggressive, and sometimes successive, plaintiffs firms suing their business. Given the relatively small dollar amounts at stake in these cases, it does not always make sense to litigate these matters like you might other kinds of cases. Knowing how to efficiently navigate these cases to resolution is critical. We can help with that, cost effectively.


When someone intentionally lies to you to get something from you, or to get you to do something, that is fraud. Even if they were merely negligent in telling you a falsehood, that too may be actionable. Or, if someone in a position of trust steals from you, that too might be a type of fraud. But fraud cases are hard to litigate, let alone prove. If you do not know how to say it right in your papers, the Court will dismiss your case before you can ask the other side for documents, or ask them any questions. We can help you state your case and ultimately prove it, or effectively show where the other side has failed to state or prove theirs.

Interference with Contract

The law forbids people intentionally interfering with someone else’s contract or other income stream through unjust means. This usually happens between competitors, or where someone has a grudge, such as a frustrated buyer/seller or a former business partner. The law gives you the right to recover whatever money you lost as a result of that unjust conduct. But meritorious cases are not always easy to identify, let alone state in your papers to the Court. We can help you figure out if you have a good case that you can prove up at the end of the day and present it to the Court in the best way possible. Or, if you have been sued, we can help expose the weaknesses in the other side’s case and help you resolve yours.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets can be anything that helps your business achieve a competitive edge, or otherwise provide value where you have expended adequate efforts to keep it secret (such as making people sign confidentiality agreements and using computer passwords). We can advise you both on how to protect your trade secrets, how to recover them, or even whether something is, in fact, a trade secret. And if a matter proceeds to litigation, we have successfully litigated and tried trade secrets cases against some of the biggest firms in the nation. We can help you too.

Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition Laws (“UCL”) in California covers a broad swath of conduct. In fact, California is one of the few states where any violation of just about any other law can give rise to a claim for unfair competition under the UCL, if: (1) That violation negatively affected you or your business; and (2) The violation is ongoing so a court can order the violator to stop doing it, or the violator has profited off the practice so the court can force the violator to give back any money they earned from that unlawful conduct. Some cases have merit, and others may not. Our firm has deep experience in this area, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, that allows us to counsel and represent our clients to successful results.

Employment Disputes

Employment litigation in California encompasses a wide range of legal disputes between employers and employees, with an emphasis on protecting the rights of workers. California has some of the most employee-friendly labor laws in the United States, making it a focal point for employment-related legal actions. Here is a brief summary of key aspects of employment litigation in the state:

  1. Discrimination and Harassment Claims
  2. Wrongful Termination Lawsuits
  3. Wage and Hour Disputes
  4. Whistleblower Cases
  5. Employment Contract Disputes
  6. Class Action Lawsuits
  7. Family and Medical Leave Matters
  8. Labor Union Disputes
  9. Employee Benefits Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are like marriages. And while many work out, sometimes they do not. And unlike more formal corporations, partnerships do not always have the kind of documentation that helps partners sort out what happens when a disagreement comes up. In fact, in California, you do not even need an agreement to form a partnership—the mere fact that you operate like a partnership can create an implied partnership. When disputes arise regarding how to manage a partnership, it is critically important that you have a lawyer who can dig through the communications and course of performance to help define the four corners of the partnership. Also, messaging, strategy, timing, and documentation are key. So is understanding your rights under any operating agreement, or the Corporations Code. We can help you to best position yourself for the possibility that a lawsuit may arise, and represent you if it does.

Prejudgment Writs of Attachment

One of the most demoralizing feelings in the world is to litigate for years, throwing good money after bad, only to find the other side does not have any money left to pay your judgment. Prejudgment writs of attachment allow the plaintiff to secure their recovery at the outset of the litigation, so money is set aside to collect against. These motions have an added benefit of forcing defendants to commit to their position early on before they have a chance to carefully concoct a lie that can get them out of it. And if you win, the trial court has told the defendant they have bad odds of success, often demoralizing them into settling on fairer terms. Our firm has a unique level of experience when it comes to filing for and successfully obtaining prejudgment writs of attachment. We have obtained millions of dollars in prejudgment writs. We can help you determine whether a motion for prejudgment writ of attachment is right for you, and help you get one.

Judgment Enforcement

Most litigants do not realize that a judgment is not the same as money—that getting a judgment against someone does not necessarily mean that they will turn around and pay you. That realization is often demoralizing to litigants. While California has procedures in place to help turn a judgment into actual money, many lawyers are not well versed in those procedures. Our firm is experienced in doing that, and can help you recover on your judgments.

Commercial Leases and Disputes

Leasing commercial space is a critical step for businesses, but it can also lead to complex legal challenges when disputes arise. At Atabek & Co, we understand the importance of a favorable lease agreement and are here to navigate commercial lease disputes on your behalf. Commercial lease agreements are intricate legal documents that govern the landlord-tenant relationship. Disagreements can emerge over rent, property maintenance, lease terms, or breaches of contract. These disputes can disrupt your business operations and financial stability. Our experienced attorneys specialize in resolving commercial lease disputes efficiently and effectively. We work to protect your business interests, whether you are a tenant facing unfair landlord practices or a landlord dealing with a tenant’s breach of lease terms. If you are embroiled in a commercial lease dispute or wish to prevent one through proactive legal counsel, we can help. Let us be your trusted legal partner in safeguarding your business interests and resolving lease-related challenges.

Quiet Title

Imagine discovering that your rightful ownership of a property is clouded by unresolved title issues, competing claims, or unresolved disputes. In such situations, “quiet title litigation” becomes an essential legal remedy to establish clear and unambiguous property rights. Quiet title litigation is a legal process designed to resolve disputes over property ownership and eliminate any uncertainties surrounding the title. Whether you’re facing boundary disputes, conflicting claims, or unresolved liens and encumbrances, quiet title litigation seeks to provide you with a clean and marketable title to your property. Property disputes can be intricate, involving various legal doctrines, documentation reviews, and potentially conflicting evidence. Quiet title litigation involves a comprehensive examination of title history, legal analysis, and courtroom proceedings to establish your unchallenged ownership rights. If you find yourself entangled in a property dispute that clouds your ownership rights, seeking legal counsel is essential. Quiet title litigation can be a powerful tool to assert your rightful claim, remove competing interests, and secure your property’s title once and for all. We are experienced in guiding clients through the complexities of quiet title litigation. Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in property law and the intricacies of resolving title disputes. We are dedicated to helping you protect your property interests and establish clear ownership rights in the face of uncertainty.

Broker/Seller Misrepresentations and Omissions

Have you ever purchased a property only to discover undisclosed issues or discrepancies that were conveniently left out by the seller or real estate broker? Perhaps you have been lured into a real estate deal based on false promises and embellished facts. Real estate transactions can be fraught with challenges, especially when misrepresentations and omissions come into play. In these situations, you may have a valid claim for real estate broker/seller misrepresentations and omissions. Understanding the legal landscape real estate transactions involve a complex web of contracts, negotiations, and legal obligations. When brokers or sellers fail to disclose essential details or provide false information, it can lead to significant financial losses and emotional distress for buyers. Understanding your rights and legal recourse is crucial. We are experienced in handling cases involving real estate broker/seller misrepresentations and omissions. Our team understands the complexities of real estate transactions and the impact of dishonest practices on buyers like you. We are dedicated to helping you protect your rights and seek justice when you have been misled in a real estate deal.

Partition Litigation

Co-owning real estate with others can be a source of financial stability and shared investment opportunities. However, when disagreements arise over the use, management, or sale of jointly owned property, the situation can become complex and emotionally charged. Whether you are involved in a co-ownership arrangement with family members, business partners, or other individuals, conflicts can emerge for a variety of reasons. Disagreements about property usage, maintenance, financial contributions, or a desire to sell can lead to a deadlock that seems impossible to resolve. This is where real estate partition litigation plays a crucial role. Real estate partition litigation is a legal process designed to address these disputes and provide a fair and equitable solution. It allows co-owners to request a court-ordered division or sale of the property, ensuring that the property’s value is shared among the owners in a just manner. Successfully navigating this type of litigation requires experienced legal representation to ensure your interests are protected and your goals are achieved. Let our experience help you navigate these waters effectively and efficiently.

Easement Litigation

Imagine waking up one day to find your neighbor using a portion of your land for their own purposes, claiming it is their right. Or perhaps you are the one who relies on a shared driveway or pathway that has become a source of tension with others who have access. From time-to-time, these disputes turn into complex lawsuits, requiring byzantine journeys through history to determine how property was used and what that means, legally. Easements, often overlooked until conflicts arise, are legal agreements that allow individuals or entities specific rights to use someone else’s property. These rights can involve shared access routes, utility installations, or even preserving scenic views. When disagreements surface about the boundaries, terms, or usage of these easements, it may lead to litigation. The experienced attorneys at Atabek & Co can help you navigate and potentially resolve such litigation, even before it devolves.


Our firm represents plaintiffs to recover for their bodily and emotional injuries, whether caused by a car accident, slip/trip fall, assault/battery, dog bites, and others. We handle the claims from start to finish, finding the right people to sue, communicating with insurance companies (where there is coverage), and advising you on how to best proceed to protect your rights and maximize your recovery. However, please note, our firm only handles personal injury claims involving significant or catastrophic injuries only, though we would be happy to refer you to other attorneys if you have smaller cases as well.


With some exceptions, the law forbids people from saying untrue things against others that cause that person harm, particularly if the allegations relate to their trade or are criminal in nature. The harm can be to their reputation, their pocketbook, or even their mental state. And while the truth is always a defense, proving the truth may not be so simple. Moreover, many kinds of defamation cases end up falling within California’s Anti-SLAPP law, which requires litigants to immediately prove their case, or risk paying all of the other side’s attorney’s fees. We have successfully represented people on both sides of defamation cases and can help you too.

Disability Rights Litigation (Plaintiffs)

At Atabek & Co, we believe in protecting and vindicating the rights of disabled persons. Even when we defend these lawsuits, we guide our clients to come into compliance with disability access laws and seek fair redress of these suits. On occasion, for egregious or complicated cases, we will represent plaintiffs in disability access suits. Atabek & Co has a track record of success in complex, high stakes disability rights litigation representing Plaintiffs. Let our experience work for you.

ADA Defense

Our firm has successfully defended business entities against questionable claims alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Elder Abuse

The elderly members of our community deserve our utmost respect and protection. Yet, regrettably, financial and physical elder abuse is an alarming and all too common issue. Financial exploitation and physical abuse of older adults often go unnoticed, occurring behind closed doors or through deceptive financial transactions. Seniors may be manipulated, coerced, or subjected to neglect, leading to severe physical harm, emotional distress, and significant financial losses. At Atabek & Co, we are committed to vindicating the rights of some of our most vulnerable citizens through elder abuse litigation. Financial elder abuse involves the misuse, manipulation, or theft of an elder’s financial resources, assets, or property. Physical elder abuse encompasses any intentional harm, physical violence, or neglect leading to harm or injury to an elderly person. The law provides enhanced remedies to seniors who are victims of either form of abuse. Our experience in this field can help seniors and their loved-ones get justice and protect themselves from abuse.