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Celebrating Victory: Atabek & Co. Secures Win in Motion for Summary Judgment

In the complex world of legal battles, every victory is not just a triumph but a testament to diligence, expertise, and unwavering commitment to justice. Atabek & Co. recently emerged victorious in a case after successfully making a motion for summary judgment. This win not only showcases the firm’s legal prowess but also highlights its unwavering dedication to protecting the interests of its clients.

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Celebrating Justice: Atabek & Co. Secures Jury Trial Victory Against CVS

Atabek & Co. proudly announces its victory in a recent jury trial against CVS! Representing a disabled individual, Jon Atabek and Hellay Taherian of Atabek & Co. navigated a complex legal battle against the retail giant, ultimately securing a verdict that underscores the importance of upholding the rights of all individuals, regardless of ability.

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