Celebrating Victory: Atabek & Co. Secures Win in Motion for Summary Judgment

In the complex world of legal battles, every victory is not just a triumph but a testament to diligence, expertise, and unwavering commitment to justice. Atabek & Co. recently emerged victorious in a case after successfully making a motion for summary judgment. This win not only showcases the firm’s legal prowess but also highlights its unwavering dedication to protecting the interests of its clients.

The case centered around a dispute arising from the purchase of a business. Our client, the purchaser, was sued by the seller’s business broker. The broker alleged that our client had colluded with the seller to evade payment of broker fees, and separately argued the broker contract made the company that our client bought financially liable for these fees. However, Atabek & Co. quickly mobilized to challenge these claims, arguing that our client, as the purchaser of the business, was not contractually obligated to cover the broker’s fees.

Our namesake attorney, Jon Atabek, together with law clerk, Shirin Ehyaei, dissected the complexities of the case to make them digestible for the Court. The road to victory was paved with meticulous preparation, including the exchange of written discovery, depositions, and years of motion practice. The team at Atabek & Co. then examined the evidence, and effectively demonstrated that our client was merely acquiring the assets of the business and was not party to any agreement that would hold them financially responsible for the broker’s fees. The Court agreed, granting our motion for summary judgment, effectively agreeing that the case against our client was bogus.

One of the most gratifying aspects of this triumph was that Atabek & Co. managed the victory in the most cost effective means possible for the client. The contract stipulated that the prevailing party would be entitled to attorneys’ fees, providing an additional layer of vindication for our client. Through skillful negotiation, Atabek & Co. successfully persuaded the opposing party to voluntarily cover our fees, ensuring that our client did not bear any financial burden in defending their rights.

This victory stands as a testament to Atabek & Co.’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal representation and securing favorable outcomes for our clients, while being careful to deliver affordable value to our clients. We take immense pride in the dedication and expertise demonstrated by our legal team throughout this challenging case. Jon Atabek and Shirin Ehyaei’s exemplary work exemplifies the caliber of talent and professionalism that defines Atabek & Co.